The Have-Done List


A to-do list is what most people see as the pinnacle of personal productivity.  You set a plan, work the plan, and the check items off the list. To-do lists can be a great.  They help you focus on what is important instead of just what happens to be on your mind. However, there are times when creating a to-do list isn't the best thing. There are times when you need to be able to freely explore and do whatever comes to mind.  Vacations are one example.  If you create a to-do list (and I know some people who do) for your vacation, it might take away from some of what you need to get out of a vacation. I also find that there are times where I need to focus on a particular area, but … [Read more...]

SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer Review


Many times I've wondered about ways to keep a centrally located, well organized grocery and errand list. Members of my family have a tendency to "borrow" the list to add something, only to forget to put the list back. Though a pen and paper are often the best and most efficient way to keep track of a to-do list, some families might need something a bit more creative. When I was handed the Grocery List Organizer to review, I was a bit apprehensive as to how well the device would actually function. Fortunately, I have been pleasantly surprised. Appearance The Organizer is an oblong-shaped device with a small screen located at the top, a large "Record" button in the middle and a … [Read more...]

Your Not to Do list


Everyone is familiar with having a "To Do List".  But for many individuals the bottleneck to their productivity isn't the lack of knowing what to do.  Just as important as knowing what to do is knowing what not to do.  That is where a "Not To Do List" comes in. Your not to do list should contain the activities that you consistently find yourself doing that don't contribute to your life in a productive way.  For example, most people would have "check email" as an item on their To Do list.  But if you find yourself consistently distracted by incoming messages, you might want to put checking email every 5 minutes on your Not to Do List.  Other things that might make their way to a Not To … [Read more...]