Starting College


With school in full swing again it seemed like a good time to do a post geared toward helping people who are experiencing college for the first time.  If you aren't in college, but know someone who is, please consider passing these tips on to them. Learn outside the classroom What you learn in the classroom will only be a very small part of your college education.  It is easy to get so focused on the formal side of education that you miss out on learning from everything that is going on around you.  College is a great place to learn how to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures, deal with strange and difficult people, and negotiate. Too often, students overlook the … [Read more...]

Personal Development: How important is college?


The role of a college education has changed over the years. To get an idea of how people view the importance of college I asked a number of bloggers:  How important is a college education? (4039) While independent learning and personal growth through books, seminars, and networking can significantly bring you closer to your professional career goal, a college education is important for the following reasons. The exposure to a wide variety of subjects expands your understanding of the world. As an effect, it will help you communicate with individuals from other professional fields down the road, while understanding the interrelationships their work may have on yours. The … [Read more...]

An Economist’s View of College


Many high school students leave their hometowns with bright ideas and big dreams about what they will do in and after college. For most Americans, a bachelor's degree in a solid field is a worthy goal. Being a college student, myself, I often hear students talking about how wonderful post-college finances will be and how wonderful it will be to drive a reliable, new car and eat real food again. However, since the current economic situation is a bit bleak, tuition costs are under the constant scrutiny of parents and students that working their way through college. SmartMoney produced a study discussed in an article that analyzes the actual return on getting an education. Bargains vs. … [Read more...]

Collegiate Time Management


College is one of the most exciting and activity-filled times of a person's life. Making new friends, developing new skills, and shouldering many more responsibilities take up a lot of time, let alone the ever-present studying that needs to be done. Time management is so important for students that many Freshman Experience classes focus on the subject. Here are a few tips to help busy students make good use of their time. 1. Plan ahead Studying in college requires more preparation than one might think. With all of the other distractions that are available, it is important to plan out a study schedule and really stick with it. That way, you will already have your studying done when your … [Read more...]

Study Tips


Many people will be going back to school this semester, and we thought that a list of study tips would be helpful to students as they start out a new set of classes. Study your notes after each class period, not just before tests. Start reviewing a week ahead of time if you can. That way you'll have a margin for error. Find a good, quiet place with few distractions to study in. Study in sections. For example: one hour of studying, 20 minute break, and so on... Study during the day if you can, rather than leaving it for the evening. Take a look at your classwork and determine early on which one needs the most time devoted to it. That way, you know which one you might need to … [Read more...]

Study Tips


As the school year starts back up, I wanted to take some time to share some tips for studying. 1. Read a chapter ahead Most students listen to the lecture and then read the textbook if necessary.  It is much better to read the text book to understand the section and then use the lecture to help solidify your understanding. Keep a list of questions while you are reading and then make sure the professor answers those questions in class.  If your questions aren't answered, be sure to ask the teacher. This type of approach uses the lecture to refine and augment what you already know (from reading the textbook), which better leverages your static resources (books) and your professor's … [Read more...]

105 Free College Lectures


Here is a big list of 105 current college classes with free lectures online. Most of them have RSS feeds of podcasts you can subscribe to. If you like posts like this, consider subscribing to the RSS feed Make the most of your daily commute by taking advantages of these free classes. Some colleges may take the Podcasts down this summer, so I'd suggest downloading any lectures you want to listen to ahead of time--just in case they disappear. Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits EE 240 UC Berkeley RSS URL: Advanced Cell Biology BI 406 Northern Michigan University RSS URL: … [Read more...]