Ways to Deal with Distraction

Focus and dedication are things that everyone must master in order to be successful and productive. We’ve gathered a list of articles intended for various audiences on the subject of focus.


Working in a cubicle

  • Dealing with Distractions-Dawn Foster
    Those that work in close proximity with others know that even small things can become major distractions. This article points out a few ways to deal with this problem.
  • Sounding off on Cubical Survival Tips-Office Smurf
    This article gives some sound advice (pardon the pun) for eliminating or coping with a loudness in the workplace.
  • Noisy Coworkers: 5 Ways to Deal with Them-noisycoworkers.com
    When the cacophony becomes to bad, distraction can devastate concentration, and in turn, devastate productivity. The author of this article presents some helpful tips for those who need to be able to focus amid the confusion.
  • Cubicles: The Art of Working With Distractions-Melissa Nykorchuk
    This article focuses on the social side of dealing with cubicle distractions. Instead of looking at objects as a way to solve the issue, the author explores the social side of the issue.

Staying focused at work

  • 18 Ways to Stay Focused at Work-Dave Cheong
    Simply working in a place with other people provides a whole range of challenges to productivity. Dave Cheong offers a helpful list of tips for those needing ways to keep themselves focused throughout a challenging work day.
  • 9 Practical Ways to Help Stay Focused-Dumb Little Man
    This article offers suggestions that help people stay focused on long-term goals and solutions.
  • How to Stay Focused: 7 Ways To Keep On Task-Freelance Folder
    For those that work without a supervisor standing over them, staying focused and productive is particularly vital. Though this article is directed mainly at freelance workers, the author gives advice that is applicable to everyone.
  • How to Stay Focused-Kevin Eikenberry
    In this article, the author focuses mainly on planning and preparation in order to help a person keep focused, as well as removing any clutter that may detract from organized work.
  • 16 Ways to Keep a Razor-Sharp Focus at Work-Zen Habits
    When most people think of being productive, they fail to consider the fact that it is very possible to become “burnt out.” In this article, the author gives advice on how to keep your focus at its best.
  • 5 Tips for Staying Focused-An Eclectic Mind
    Strategies for staying focused are as varied and diverse as the people that employ them. The author lists some that may be helpful to one, and others that may apply to someone of a different nature.
  • How to stay focused during an office meeting-Vanessa Faia
    In this article, the author gives helpful advice for office workers entering a potentially uninteresting meeting.

Focusing on studies

  • Staying Focused During Summer School-Older Non-Trad Student
    For most students, summer classes require a high level of attention and focus. The author of this article gives a few pointers on how to remain focused on your goals during summer session classes.
  • 21 Ways to Stay Focused in an Online Class-AceOnlineSchools.com
    Taking classes online opens up a whole new world of possibilities for procrastination. This article gives helpful advice on how not to become distracted by the internet and other miscellaneous things.

Focus while working from home

  • Secrets to staying focused in your home office-Rosalind Resnick
    Working from home has many benefits, but also presents its own, unique brand of challenges. This article might be useful to those that are beginning to work as freelancers or starting a business from a home office.
  • How to Work at Home and Stay Focused-Sound Money Tips
    Just because your home is your office doesn’t mean everything changes, as this article points out. This article might be useful for anyone that is new to working from home and needs to set up a routine.


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    Great roundup! Distractions are the biggest issue for home office professionals – I recommend people use them as breaks. Off to read the rest of these great resources!

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    Great tips in here. Actually, considering the hard times we are living we should do our best to use our time as efficiently as possible and to avoid any distraction at work.

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    Thanks for the link. As a freelance writer who gets paid based on what I produce, I’m constantly fighting against distractions. I’ll check out some of these other links for new ideas.

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