The Promise of Sleep — Book

Sometimes we focus on the wrong things.  For example, it is easy to focus on trying to do more during the day while short changing our sleep at night.  This book looks at how and why we sleep.

It is based on a lot of sleep research, but the writing style is very accessible and makes for an interesting read.

For example, the author explores the right balance of sleep to let you fall asleep quickly and wake up without feeling worn out.  He talks about situations where people sleep too much and then suffer from insomnia until their body gets tired enough to fall asleep again.

One of the more interesting concepts in the book is the idea of a “sleep debt”.  This theory basically says that you “owe” your body a certain amount of sleep each night. If you get behind you have to pay it back later on.

Another part of the book that I found very interesting was the discussion of how sleep researches study sleep.  I hadn’t realized how much effort was going into to studying something that we mostly take for granted.

This book gave me a lot of insight into how to best manage my sleep and you can glean a lot of tips on how to be more productive in your waking hours by managing your sleeping time effectively.


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    Very interesting topic. I seem to be unable to sleep for more than 6 hours per night but am always exhausted by the time Friday comes around. Hopefully I will be able to find some advice in this book. Thanks for the recommendation.

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