Personal Productivity from Management Theory

This is the introduction to a four-part series that will explore three management theories and how they relate to personal productivity.  This may seem odd, but if management is the art of accomplishing work through other people, then personal productivity can be seen as being effective at managing yourself.  By examining the methods of motivating others, we can become more skilled in motivating ourselves.

Here are the three theorists we are going to look at:

  1. Abraham Maslow – Hierarchy of Human Needs
  2. Douglas McGregor – Theory X and Theory Y
  3. William Ouchi – Theory Z (Cultural Management)

Most people will be familiar with Maslow’s theories.  McGregor is less well known. Most of Ouchi’s writings  have been aimed at business people and he has published at least one NYT bestseller.  All three researchers were studying the best way to motivate workers.  They all came up with different theories, but there is value in each one.

In the next post, we’ll examine Maslow’s theory and look at how we can use his findings to increase our own, personal output.

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Originally published October 27, 2005.


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    Glad to hear that these theories will be discussed from the personal productivity point of view. Looking forward to see the posts

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