List of Academic Lecture Podcasts

This list has been updated for 2006. Here is the new list of academic podcasts you can listen to for free.

Prof-1I discovered early on that an iPod or MP3 player full of good spoken audio content went a long way toward keeping me productive when traveling, doing yard work, exercising, etc, but the charges from and buying CDs adds up quickly. Podcasts can automate the process of getting content and lower the cost, but much of the content available has more in common with radio entertainment than a well written book.

Several universities are making lectures available as Podcasts. Not every class is work well on an iPod, but the content is much more directed toward people who want to learn and not just be entertained. Of course the flip side of this is that some professors are boring in person, to say nothing of listening to their recordings on an iPod.  You may need to look around to find someone who is interesting to listen to, but once you find the right feed, you have a tremendous amount of content regularly published for entire semester.

You can subscribe to a class and set iTunes to download new lectures, sync them with your iPod, automatically delete them once you’ve listened to them (configured under iPod properties in iTunes).  This is a great way to expand your education without spending the time required in a traditional class.  One of the problems with playing mp3s on an iPod is the fact that it doesn’t keep track of where you are in the file.  So if you shut off your iPod and come back to it later, you may have to scan through the content to find your place.  This isn’t much of a problem on an iPod like the Nano where you have a wheel to navigate, but it can be a little difficult on the iPod Shuffle or other mp3 players that don’t have a way to visually see where you are in the recording.

Many of the classes don’t show up in the iTunes Podcast directory.
Below is a list of classes with links to the feed for the podcast. This
is in no way a comprehensive list, but it is the items that I thought
were interesting.

Purdue University:

  • AGEC100Introductory Agricultural Business and Economics
  • AGR101Introduction to the School of Agriculture and Purdue University
  • AGR290Special Topics in Agriculture
  • ANTH379Indians of North America
  • BCHM307Biochemistry
  • BIOL110Fundamentals of Biology
  • BMS511Systemic Mammalian Physiology
  • BTNY210Introduction to Plant Science
  • CE350 –  Environmental Engineering
  • CHM111General Chemistry
  • CSR342Personal Finance
  • COMM435Communication and Emerging Technologies
  • ECON210Principles of Economics
  • HIST105Survey of Global History
  • OLS274Applied Leadership
  • POL130Introduction to International Relations
  • PSY225Stereotyping and Prejudice

University of Washington:

Washington College of Law:

University of Hawaii:

  • ICS101 Tools for the Information Age.

Harvard University:

  • CSIE-1Understanding Computers and the Internet.

University of San Francisco:

  • N340Principles and Methods of Nursing

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  1. Dan says

    I can’t get the streams from Washington University to work. I add the files to my iTunes window, and try to play them, but I get nothing. any help?

  2. kevin harper says

    could someone please get me the info about david robinson, jackie robinson son who is growing coffee in tanzania. i would like someway to get in touch with him to find out more.

  3. says

    Thanks for this info. Now I can more easily keep my brain from atrophying into a puddle of football-worshiping, Simpsons-quoting mush! (Seriously, after college learning became less about growing and more about doing just enough to not go broke and die.)

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  5. Ryan says

    HELP! Has anyone downloaded the Purdue Applied Leadership lectures? I was not able to download them all before they were disabled. I would pay for your help.

    Please write me here:


  6. Miguel Berumen says

    Can any one direct me to where I can listen or view podcasts on topics related to agricultural engineer classes? thank you

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