Links for Setting Up a Filing System

Everyone needs some type of filing system. Even if you are attempting to go paperless, chances are you will still need some type of filing system–even if it is computer based. The five articles below look at different ways to setup and improve your filing system. They deal paper based systems, but some of the principles will apply to paperless systems as well.

Taking a little time to improve your setup can be a very good investment. If you can reduce the amount of time you spend hunting for things each day by even just two minutes, it will save you 12 hours per year. If you have an article that you would recommend on filing, please add it in the comments.

  • Filing Organization Tips For Fast Office Filing – Jill Chongva
    A simple five point article on setting up an ideal filing system for small business. The entire task of setting up a filing system is given in five detailed steps Simple and effective tips that can keep you from having to do a reorganization of the filing system in the future.
  • 10 Ways to Improve Your Filing System – Lisa Kanarek
    This article is a very detailed reminder of tips that make filing system; your business time saver. Emphasis is given on choosing the right type of folder – hanging interior color coded files. Common guidelines that are often overlooked while maintaining files are mentioned elaborately. The content of the article truly depicts the expertise of the author in this regard.
  • Setting up an Organised Filing Cabinet or File System at Home – Susan Whelan
    The article highlights the logic behind a simple and organized filing system. The entire procedure of maintaining a good filing system are listed under three main headers – Access the available space, Set up folders and Keep it simple. Options provided to choose a filing cabinet is something that you can lookout for in this article.
  • How to set up an effective filing system –
    Starting from scratch, the author has provided the step by step procedures involved in creating a well-planned filing system. The advantages and disadvantages of different types of filing arrangements makes the article a must read one.
  • Filing Systems : A Four –Step Formula That Really Works – Sally Allen
    Best practices to make your filing system a neat and effortless one. A four point article, that will help you maintain an organized, hassle-free, and untiring filing procedure. Suggestions to maintain a retention schedule for files and options to file official documents including catalogs, prints, and envelopes are also listed.

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