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Gojee is a web application that helps you find recipes. You can kind of think of it as a recipe search engine. You tell it what you crave, what you have and what you dislike. I told it I have peanut butter and meat. The results included several Asian recipes with different types of peanut sauces and a bunch of different types of deserts (without meat).

When you find  a recipe you like, Gojee gives you a link to the original recipe site.  It is a nicely designed site and each recipe has a picture for people like me who have a hard time visualizing from a recipe. If you avoid trying new exotic recipes because you don’t like buying a bunch of ingredients you don’t already have, this is the perfect way to add some variety to your meals while making good use of what is already in your cupboards.


  1. Deborah Johnson says

    Two thumbs down on this “search engine”. I don’t find this web site to be a “Search Engine” in the traditional sense. Their Terms of Service and Privacy Policies tell you that they harvest information about the users, their computers, and their shopping history and then share it with other retailers. In other words, they are a marketing company gathering victims for more advertising. My time is already compromised by the Spam I get by accident without having Gojee enabling more Spam. I can get better service from traditional search engines and not have to register with logins and passwords to receive information. If this sort of recipe shopping service appeals to you, then perhaps you would benefit from having a spare email address that is set up solely for the purpose of misdirecting the spammers.

    • says

      Hey Deborah,

      Thanks for airing your concerns.

      We absolutely do NOT share our user’s email addresses with other retailers or anyone else.

      In addition, we do our best to limit the number of emails we send out ourselves. The only emails that our users get are a Welcome email (which they receive only once), and a Weekly Top 3 Favorite Recipes email. Gojee users have the options of opting out of both once they log in.

      The main purpose of the email address is to have a form of identification so that we can make your recipe searches personalized to you.

      With a login, you only have to tell us you have a food allergy once, not every time you search. Similarly, you can start keeping track of your favorite recipes, and those will inform us what specific types of tastes you have.

      Yes logging in, is one more step. But we are doing this, because we think it can add a tremendous amount of value for our users, not because we want to sell their email addresses.

      Tian He, Co-Founder Gojee

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