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With April 15th rapidly approaching, many will start looking for fast, efficient ways to file taxes. The IRS has partnered with a number of sites to provide free online filings. This helps the IRS by decreasing the number of paper forms they have to process. In most states you are still going to have to file a state return. If you plan to use software, it may be easier to do the Federal and State together at the same time. Still, for states without an income tax, this is an easy way to do your taxes and get them submitted for free. Here are a few free sites that offer free filing services:


Originally published March 18, 2009.


  1. Yvonne! says

    of course i did my taxes yesterday. thanks.
    through the site i found a like to free file. it’ll ask you a few basic questions about your income, age and filing status and will show you different free file sites that you qualify for. there have been some changes in maximum income requirements this year – i’m not sure there are any.
    if you don’t know what you’re doing i’d suggest going with one of the bigger names, my experience is that they tend to walk you through it more thoroughly. i did my boyfriend’s taxes through esmart tax and then mine with h&r block, the h&r block site was waaaaay more thorough and i think we may have missed some deductions and credits for him. with both sites we only had to pay around 9 dollars to file state.

    • says

      I don’t think you can come back and finish filling out a form later. Some may have that option, but I wouldn’t count on it unless you see it specifically offered.

  2. Dale King says

    Can’t believe you left off one of the best I’ve used them for years. You have to keep saying no to them asking if you want to upgrade to the deluxe version and state taxes are extra, but is totally free to e-file federal.

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