Cluttered Work Environment

When our working environment is cluttered, our minds are cluttered.
–Len Merson

I generally consider this statement true, but wondered what you think.  Do you require a clean workspace in order to have clear thought processes?


  1. says

    My space is always somewhat cluttered because I don’t have much of it. Seeking a storage solution so see if that kicks me into high gear. It would help to be more organized because sometimes I can’t find things.

  2. says

    Some people yes, some people no. It’s kind of like a visual version of the acoustics of an office. Some people like music (aka “audio clutter”), some people don’t. An uncluttered environment may be considered “sterile” by some and counter-productive.

    Personally I go both ways, at different times. I drift along with entropy, happily working away, until something clicks in my head requiring a cleansing of my environment. I then derive good juju from the suddenly uncluttered environment and have elbow room to work. I am currently on a bender to reduce the noise level in my home office. That process has claimed the lives of atleast two machines in my rack, and is likely to claim another, which will move into the laundry room. This process also cuts my power bill, as I have replaced a 50w firewall machine with a 6w netgear wireless router.

  3. Daniel says

    Lately I’ve become more and more preocupied (obsessed) with the removal of clutter.
    I’ve gone from having 3 computers to owning just a laptop. I’ve removed cable clutter, books from the bookshelves.
    I have nothing except what I’m currently using and I’m still not fully satisfied :)


  4. Keith Dorset says

    I have had a crush of business the last 6 mo. and my desk and home office surroundings have become very cluttered. Never enough time to clear anything, much less the junk that keeps arriving. Even my to-do lists get buried. I find it harder and harder to get things done as the office and consequently my mind become more cluttered. A reminder of the hundreds of things that want attention and cause a sort of paralysis.

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