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About a year ago, I put together a listing 30 or 40 free podcasts of lectures from Universities. When I started putting together another list, I was amazed at how many more lectures are available. The lectures in this list are all free and don’t require any type of authentication–you don’t have to be a student to download them. The links are to the rss feed of class lectures. If you copy the URL and in iTunes click on Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast it will automatically download the lectures and new ones as they become available.

I was hoping to find the Physics of Superheros in the list or a Pottery lecture. Maybe next year.  Also be sure to checkout our study tips for students and our simple memorization technique.

Here is the complete list of 145 podcasts for your educational pleasure:


  1. Shau Sha says

    Nice list – shame you couldn’t include the parent URL for each as not all of us have access to (or want to use) RSS.

  2. says

    Shau Sha – Sorry I couldn’t give a home page url for each one, but many of the feeds I found didn’t have a home page or listing of the lectures. I think some of theses are only referenced from internal login systems like blackboard, so there isn’t a home page available. You should be able to get the links from the RSS feed in firefox 2.0 pretty easily.

    John — Copy the rss URL (right click on it and say copy this link), then go to iTunes > Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast and past the URL in the box. Also if you have Firefox 2.0 it will show you a list of the audio files so you can download them directly.

  3. says

    Tom–thanks for the link to the Warwick podcasts. I didn’t include them in the list because they aren’t full semester lectures. They look like they are just individual podcasts about specific topics. For a lot of people that may be even more interesting than listening to an entire semester on the same topic.

    It looks like a great resource though and I’m going to subscribe to it. Thanks for posting the link.

  4. Chris says

    This is also a great site with a ton of public affairs lecutures on many subjects from famous academics, politicians, authors, and scientists.

    Video, podcasts and even transcripts. Check it out.

  5. Chris says

    This is also a great site with a ton of public affairs lecutures on many subjects from famous academics, politicians, authors, and scientists.

    Video, podcasts and even transcripts. Check it out.

  6. Chris says

    This is also a great site with a ton of public affairs lecutures on many subjects from famous academics, politicians, authors, and scientists.

    Video, podcasts and even transcripts. Check it out.

  7. Gen says

    McGill University also has some publicly-available podcasts of complete course lectures: They’re organized by term and past podcasts are still accessible from the site. It’s great to have a list like this but it would be awesome to be able to search by subject, term, prof… How scalable is a list of this sort?

  8. Ladarzak says

    To answer some how-to questions above, someone on another site told me I can DL the MP3’s by going to the XML page and finding them individually and downloading them by entering that in the address line of my browser.

    My friend is going to write me a little program, though, to harvest those links from the XML page and download all the MP3s with a many less mouse clicks, though. This will be a bit of open source coding, btw.

    Great list. Thanks.

  9. guregu says

    All the Purdue links are dead. I highly recommend the Physics for Future Presidents offered by Berkeley. The professor did an amazing job and it was never dry.

    The Ohio State Astronomy course is good as well.

    One subject that I noticed was sorely missing from this list was any Art classes. Like Art History or Theory.

    Thanks for the list,

  10. Ryan says

    Has anyone downloaded all of Purdue’s Applied Leadership lectures. I was stupid and didn’t download all of them when I had the chance. I loved the lectures, but only have about 1/4 of them. If you could upload them to an FTP or web site I’d love ’em.

  11. says

    Can anyone HELP ME?

    I fell in love with the OLS274 Applied Leadership lectures. Unfortunately, I downloaded about half of them before the site was disabled. Can you give me access to just that course, or direct me to where I could get them? I would pay for them, because they are incredible!

    Thanks in advance,

  12. says

    Ryan – I don’t have the lectures you are wanting. If they do the classes again, you may be able to download them at that time.

    I’ll let you know if I find them anywhere else online.

  13. kurt says

    All the John Hopkins Podcasts REQUIRE an authenicated IP address.
    Therefore, these podcasts are no longer available to people outside the IP address range of John Hopkins folks.

  14. says

    Thank you for posting these podcast s. The web has great potential for free education and this site is a great tool. Your effort is a valuable contribution and I hope many other talented people will help bring a new form of free education into reality.

    Some topics are timely and others remain pertinent regardless of time. Hopefully that distinction will also be added to compilations of academic podcast s as well as categorization of topic material.

    No need to reply as this is really a thank you for your great work.

  15. Priah says

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing to ask permission, to print-shot this page for my powerpoint presentation. I am an A Level student, and I am currently taking up an ICT GCE Course. This course consists of putting examples into a presentation of different uses of communication. The slide I am currently doing is Podcasts and therefore need some evidence to back it up.

    Please reply as soon as possible.


  16. Thoughtful says

    I recently found this blog posts, and quite interesting, I’ve read many today. But as I came to this one, I could not get the links to work, they always took me to a different ‘error’ page. Even with iTunes open, I couldn’t get them to work. Any help would be appreciated.

    • says

      This is an old post and many of the podcasts have been moved or locked down now. You might try looking for iTunes U and see what you can find there. Also look for MITs Open Courseware.

  17. douglas thomson says

    Can’t seem to access Proust and Philosophy. Tried everything even John Hopkins website. What to do?

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