Evernote Book


Brett Kelly has written a book called Evernote Essentials.  If you've been considering using Evernote, this Evernote book is the guide you'll want to makes you are getting the most out of it. The PDF is well illustrated and covers a lot of the details that you probably won't discover on your own.  It took me about 3 minutes of skimming through the book to discover 5 huge timesavers that I didn't previously know about. The book isn't just limited to Evernote.  It shows you how to integrate other services as well.  For example, there are detailed instructions showing how to set up Gmail to automatically log receipts from Amazon purchases into Evernote. The PDF book is $25 and is highly … [Read more...]

Yojimbo Review


With computers becoming even more central than ever in the information age, many people are looking for ways to "unclutter" their hard drives. Sometimes the default structure just isn't quite enough to organize things quickly and efficiently. For those that favor web applications, there have been quite a few pieces of organizational software written for both Mac and PC. However, Yojimbo is written specifically for Mac users (there is no PC version). Yojimbo offers a neat feature that lets the user store information quickly, without interrupting work flow. Once the software is installed, a tab appears on the left-hand side of the screen on the desktop. Some users may like this feature … [Read more...]