Mind Your Own Business


Begin Unrelated Story: I was talking with an employee who works for Mind Your Own Business--a company that makes small business accounting software.  She was relating a time she had been pulled over by a policeman who asked her the standard questions, "where are you going?", "where do you work?".  When asked where she worked, she replied "Mind Your Own Business". The cop was kind of surprised and started to explain that it would probably be better to cooperate.  She had to pull out her business card to prove that she, indeed, worked at Mind Your Own Business. End Unrelated Story Okay, back on track.  When you do work, you are providing value to someone.  Actually, you are providing … [Read more...]

Your Own Business


In a previous post I mentioned that if you are the type of person who focuses on personal productivity, you probably shouldn't be working for someone else.  I wanted to explain why. Many people focus on being highly productive, but no one seems to talk about how to actually benefit from being more productive.  Sure you can make your boss really like you, but just because you are helping your employer be more efficient doesn't mean you are going to see any personal benefit--other than being well liked. How Businesses Make Money Businesses make money by selling items or services for more than it costs them to produce those items or services.  The dry cleaner may charge you $2.00 per … [Read more...]