Effective Backups


There are few things that can ruin your productivity like losing the hard drive on your computer. Here are a few tips that work well for me when it comes to backing up my computer. Take some time to imagine the worst case scenario and how you would handle it. For example, what would you do if your laptop were dropped? What would you need to do if it were stolen? Make sure you have some type of off-site backup. I put a copy of important files on a DVD and put it in a bank lockbox. I only do this once or twice a year, but it gives me something to go back to, if necessary. Use an external hard drive for backup. This is usually a lot faster than backing up to DVDs or CDs. The … [Read more...]

Photo Diary

Automator Workflow

With inexpensive digital cameras and ever growing storage capacity, it is easy to create and maintain a very large quantity of pictures.  My personal photo library  starts in 1998 and provides a fairly detailed chronicle of my life for the past 11 years.  In many ways, it is the most accurate diary or journal of my life events over that time period.  If I want to know when we went on a particular trip, I can look up the date in our photo library.  If I want to know who attended a particular event, I can look it up there, as well. I find that occasionally running through all of my pictures helps me remember events that would otherwise be forgotten--particularly in remembering the … [Read more...]