Share Your Desk Organization Tip

I’m collecting short desk organization suggestions.  Just visit this form and fill it out with your 200 character or less suggestion for keeping your desk organized. If you have multiple tips, feel free to add more than one. I’ll edit them and publish a big list of desk organization tips. Feel free to share this link with anyone else you think might like to participate.


  1. Brandon says

    At the end of everyday, I take everything off my desk, wipe it down, and only put back what it is supposed to have on it. This includes my inbox/outbox and my to-do list and schedule for the next day. It gives me clarity in the morning for what really needs to get done.

      • Brandon says

        Everything has its place, much like gtd. So at the end of everyday, everything gets “processed” and put where it needs to be: filed (reference), to-do, project lists/folders, etc. I have to keep things simple to be effective day-to-day.

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