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At times, the amount of paperwork that one person has do deal with can become extremely overwhelming. Many people find that a pile of unorganized paper can have drastic effects on the amount of work that they accomplish. For many of us, the motivation to organize the chaos is sometimes too much to even contemplate. However, an enterprising business has found a way to make the lives of the ordinary person much simpler. is an organization that provides a service that categorizes and organizes your receipts in a hassle-free manner. There are several levels of service that the company provides. One is the free version, in which you must scan in or direct your online order receipts into the account and organize them yourself. They also offer Basic, Classic or Express accounts.

The Basic account offers international service for customers with a relatively small volume of receipts to process for a price of $9.95 per month.

With this option, Shoeboxed will scan in and organize your receipts for you and shred them to protect your privacy.

The Classic account is their most popular account that is suited to one’s personal or business use at $19.95 per month. With this account type, Shoeboxed processes and organizes your receipts, scans them, and sends them back to you in an envelope.

The account level with the most options and fastest service processing is the Express account. For a fee of $59.95 per month, Shoeboxed provides even more efficient service to a client, with tasks being processed in 1 business day. The Express offers the same options and processing capacity as the Classic version, but the Express completes processing the task in a shorter amount of time.

Because so much of a person’s time can be taken up by frustration and disorganization, the service that this business provides would be very helpful to anyone that either does not possess that knack of organization or simply does not have the time to organize and keep track of their own receipts. The system is straightforward and fairly easy to understand, and also provides the option to export the scanned-in receipt information into Excel spreadsheets and other programs that work with large amounts of financial data. Someone who does not have a substantial number of receipts to keep track of would most likely not benefit from this program. However, for those that are searching for a way to keep control of their purchase records, this tool could become indispensable.


  1. says

    @Anna: Thanks for the awesome review! As Colin mentioned, many of our users love that Shoeboxed puts you in control of your finances with all the receipts in one place. Tracking & managing your receipts have never been easier!

    @Colin: I’m so glad you find Shoeboxed a great help with your expense reports! Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll make sure you get an awesome Shoeboxed t-shirt sent your way :)

    Lacey Kim
    Shoeboxed: where receipts go.

  2. Jim says

    Actually tried this service recently, uploading scanned reciepts was buggy at best first few uploaded fine, however after about the 10th reciept the web page started not saving and i was having to reupload reciept after reciept. After fighting with the website for about 3 hrs to get it to take a handful of reciepts i decided i was better off using my own scanner and storing the reciepts myself. Either this service is very bugged or they intentionally made it work like this to encourage you to send your reciepts to them and pay a fee.

    Another very noticeable thing, if you do happen to sign up for a subscription there is absolutely no way to cancel it through the web page and you end up having to call them. Only to spend 30 minutes waiting for the 1 guy that they have doing customer support to call you back.

    Also god forbid that you are 2 hrs into your next months subscription they will want to keep the money that you have sent them. You’ll end up having to dispute the charges on your credit cards to get any satisfaction from these people. If i were to describe this service in a few words i’d have to say it’s nothing more then a “Cash grab”.

  3. HighStakes says

    Beware of Shoeboxed. I wanted to use it to store my business cards. Not only their data processing is far from flawless (spelling errors, no unique format for phone numbers/countries, etc.), but if you want to test the service before becoming a paying customer, they will E-MAIL all the people whose business cards you upload to the site. WITHOUT WARNING YOU.
    This is called spam in my book. I am very disappointed.

  4. Dan says

    This service does a good job of scanning my receipts but their pricing is misleading. They claim that a portion of the unused scans in your scan limit is carried over from month to month, but they do not make clear that those carried-over scans expire in one month. I received numerous overcharges, even though I only send envelopes to them every few months. In months when I don’t send envelopes they still charge me a monthly fee, even though they didn’t do anything.

  5. David says

    I used Shoeboxed for about 2 months and it did not take me long at all to start looking for something else. The biggest reason: I sent in my receipts to be scanned and it took over a month from the time they received them before they were processed online. I even uploaded one business card through the web uploader and it took over a week before it become available for me to view. This is completely unacceptable.

    I recently found a service called docBox by Traveling Mailbox ( – Their customer service is incredible and I had my pile of documents scanned within 1 business day of them receiving it! I highly recommend them.


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