Reader Question – Smarter People

What makes some people smarter than others?

How smart someone is can be measured in many different ways. The most common standard way of measuring intelligence is an IQ test. If you have an IQ of 100 then you are a completely average person. If you IQ is above 100 you are above average.

A raw IQ score measures on type of intelligence. However there are many people with modest IQs who have amassed an extremely large amount of knowledge. This pool of knowledge makes them extremely intelligent. Often they will outperform someone with a higher IQ simply because they know so much.

In theory, there is very little you can do to improve your raw IQ. However you can very easily expand your knowledge through study and training. A college education is a great way to improve your knowledge, but if you truly want to increase your intelligence, it needs to be something you work on your entire life.

Here are some ideas for increasing your intelligence:

  • Become an avid reader. Spend time learning about new things by reading books, magazines, and journals. Be sure to cover a wide variety of subjects and give yourself a chance to discover areas where you don’t initially have a lot of interest.
  • Take some classes. Local colleges and distance education programs from major universities offer a wide array of study options. There should be something to fit almost any schedule.
  • Write. There are few things that help you organize and clarify your thoughts like writing.


  1. R. Kent says

    I was discussing this topic the other night with a colleague. We discussed how immigrants will often come to America without having mastered the English language. Their poor lingual skills are often interpreted as a lack of intelligence, which is not always the case. An intercultural communications course I took in college really opened my eyes to how similar people are despite vast differences in culture. Specifically how interpretation of intelligence is often culturally based.

    The topic of intelligence has always intrigued me. As a child, adults would complement me on my ability to make intuitive observations and create unique and effective solutions to various problems. Despite this, I have never tested well on standardized tests.

  2. says

    Reading can definitely make anyone look smarter.

    Another thing that I find in smarter people is they think for a purpose or to solve problems.

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