Looking For Procrastinators

I am experimenting with a simple 10 email course designed to help break habitual procrastination. If you are interested in previewing the course and providing feedback, please send a a note to list@productivity501.com and ask to try the Procrastination Prevention Course.

At this point, I would ask that you only try it if you are willing to provide some feed back at then end and let me know what you liked and what you didn’t. I’m looking for about 10 people to try it out.

Edit: Well that didn’t take long. :)  I have everyone I need for testing.  If you are interested but were not able to be part of the testing phase, keep an eye out for the official release in the near future.


  1. says

    Oh lordy, do I need this. I’m horrendous about procrastination and have been all my life. I’ve tried all sorts of things to “fix” it but nothing has helped. Let me know if you still need testers.

  2. Joe says

    I think you should include me in this because I procrastinated on replying. Those first ten are procrastinator posers. If they have such a problem how come they got right back to you. Help the needy….

  3. Mark Shead says

    While I recognize that the group of people during the trial aren’t going to be the worst procrastinators, they are probably more likely to give me feedback than the really bad procrastinators. :)

  4. Andrew says

    i actually got in as one of the 10, i was amazed in fact. i have a habit of letting my rss reading be a cause/reason for procrastination, so i set a rule for myself, no feeds during work hours (8-5) excluding 12-1 on lunch, this rule extends to weekends as well. and i caught the post fairly late as a result.

    so far it has been ok,
    day 1 was simply an introduction to how the program may work (12/15)
    day 2 was 1 task, hinted at a review period to follow on the next day(task 12/16 review 12/17) as of yet the review instructions have not been posted.
    also no feed back has been solicited or instructions given on how to provide suggestions/feedback, with a small group i had anticipated an email dialog.

    so far communications have come late at night, so i had no second thought of not getting direction during 12/17, still no day 3 directive though.

    i will say however task 1 was simple, and thus far, not an earth shattering difference, but the idea of completing the goal made the procrastination disappear, and actually the small task ended up far more effective on the single day than i think i had anticipated.

  5. Mark Shead says

    @Andrew – The messages go out based on when you clicked on the confirmation email. The logic is that when you are checking your email is probably a good time to send you another message in the future.

    If you have other feed back just send it to me at mark at productivity501com.

  6. andrew says

    this makes sense and i hadn’t thought if it that way.

    to all, Mark has put together a, so far, simple system of 1 easy to accomplish task per day, followed by a brief period of personal reflection, i currently have gotten direction for the following day, and if i wind up achieving the goals set forth like i did for day 1, i am excited to see what will happen.

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