Holiday Shopping Challenge

American Express Platinum Concierge

Last week I got an email from someone at American Express asking if I'd be interested in doing some Christmas shopping (at their expense) and blogging about it. To really make it enticing, the offered to give a $250 gift certificate away to a reader of Productivity501. (See below for details.) So here is the plan. In this post I'm going to discuss some strategies for getting the most out of your credit card benefits and rewards programs--particularly related to Christmas shopping. I'll use American Express as an example, but most everything will relate to other cards as well. Then I'm going to try to buy 5 gifts for family and follow up with a post on what I found in a week. In that post … [Read more...]

Desk Organization Tips


A few months ago we put out a request for tips on keeping a desk organized. Here are the tips that were submitted. Simplify instead of organize. Have as few things as possible, and you don't need to organize. Leo - Zen Habits Try to keep the desk clean, leaving only the essentials on its top. The rest goes into the drawer, boxes, the archive, or the bin. Your computer, the phone, and the paper you are currently work on is enough. Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann - DEVONtechnologies LLC Buy the smallest desk you can possibly find - then you're forced to be organized! Joe Bennett - Tweddle Group Clean desk is key. Have the following folders available on one of those accordion style … [Read more...]


Here is a collection of products, events and applications that people have sent in over the past few weeks that might be of interest to readers. If you try any of these things out, please take a few minutes to leave a comment on your experience for others. Manvotionals The Art of Manliness has launched their second book, this one is called Manvotionals. Christmas is coming and it might be the perfect gift for a man in your life. Executive MBA Online Fair The Economist is holding an Executive MBA online fair.  Executive MBAs are generally aimed at people who are mid career and follow a schedule that allows busy professionals to complete their MBA degree while working full time. They … [Read more...]