5 Simple Networking Tips


As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the importance of who you know keeps going up.  Here are five tips for cultivating and growing your network. Note: I don't advocate doing any of this to simply take advantage of other people.  Networking only works if you are genuinely interested in the people you are trying to connect with.  If you try to fake it just to get favors from people, everyone will know. 1. Use Social Networking Tools Sites like Facebook and Linked In make it easy to find people you've known in the past.  In particular, the ability to look at the friends of your current friends can save you a lot of time in hunting down acquaintances from school or previous … [Read more...]

Un-Procrastination Book by Leo Babauta

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Leo Babauta has written a nice little ebook called Un-Procrastination. If you struggle with procrastination this is a very good resource.  I've seen a lot of stuff written on procrastination that basically says, "I never procrastinate and here is how to be like me."  Leo is a bit more realistic and admits that sometimes he even likes to procrastinate.  In spite of that he has been able to accomplish a tremendous amount of work by following the suggestions in his book. One tip that I think is particularly helpful is to make sure you really want to do something.  I've touched on this idea before in When Procrastination is a Good Thing. Leo also discusses how to deal with the Internet and … [Read more...]

Questions and Answers


Looking at my web stats, here are some of the frequent questions people end up coming to Productivity501 searching for.  In this post, I simply wanted to list them in one place to make it easier for people to find the answers to frequently asked questions. What is a professional email address? A professional email address is something that you feel comfortable giving out to someone who might want to offer you a job.  1hotgirl@hotmail.com is NOT a professional email address.  A professional email address looks best when it is from your own domain.  So sue@suesmith.com looks very professional.  However, using gmail or another service can look professional as well.  Something like … [Read more...]

7 Ways To Upgrade Your Brain


If you like this article, please share it with your friends on your blog, email, a thumbs up on StumbleUpon, Facebook or however else you share links. A person's mind is their most powerful tool.  Yet very few people take intentional steps toward "upgrading" their brain and trying to become smarter. Here are some scary statistics from an article in The Economist: In 1991 a worker with a bachelors degree earned 2.5 times as much as a high-school drop out. In 2010 a worker with a bachelors degree earned 3 times as much as a high-school drop out. There is an obvious trend toward paying people who have "upgraded their brain" more money. This probably isn't too surprising, but … [Read more...]