We are currently creating short email based courses to help readers improve specific areas of their productivity.

Procrastination Prevention Course

10 Days – One Lesson every 24 hours
Learn how to break the habit of procrastination. This 10 day course walks you through several steps to lead you away from the procrastination habit and toward better productivity. The emails are short, but offer valuable tips and strategies on getting your stuff done. Don’t procrastinate! Sign up today.




Praise for the Procrastination Prevention Course:

Thank you so much for these Procrastination Prevention emails, they have been very interesting and useful. Changing one small thing has had profound effects and I feel much less likely to procrastinate in the future now I have tools like the 5 minute contract to hand!

– Dianne


Using the Habit List

30 Days – 10 lessons
This course explains the Habit List–a method of tracking habits you want to develop that shouldn’t be on your regular todo list. It explains the theory behind the list and includes the popular PDF allowing you to print your own Habit List. (Live! Sign Up Below)




Organized Desk Course

Almost like having a one on one coach, this course will help walk you through steps to get your desk organized in a way that works for you. The focus is on small changes that will have a big impact on your productivity. (Coming Soon: In Development)

Productive Digital Lifestyle Course

This course will help guide you through a series of simple tasks that will help make sure that technology is working for you instead of the other way around. It looks at ways to be more effective using you computer, cell phone, PDA, MP3 player, and other electronic devices. (Coming Soon: In Development)