Capsul8 – Preview for Productivity501 Readers

When you get a newspaper, you can cut out an article and come back and read the same thing later. It doesn’t change after you read it. The web isn’t like that. The article you read today, may not be around tomorrow or the version that is here tomorrow may be very different from what you have today.

Capsul8 is a startup that solves this problem by giving you a simple way to take a snapshot of a web page and collect these snapshots into a “capsule” where each web page is a different “chapter” that you can easily navigate through and share.

Some of the capsules listed on the Capsul8 home page include:

  • A collection of web pages paying tribute to Steve Jobs.
  • Articles about the artist known as Bansky.
  • The front page of the final publication of News of the World along with its Wikipedia entry and other news stories.

Capsul8 captures the html and images from a web page, so even if the site changes or is taken offline, you have an accurate view of what it looked like when you added it to your capsule. It currently doesn’t snapshot videos and flash media, but it will embed them. So a YouTube video will still show up unless it is taken off of YouTube.

In playing around with Capsul8, I thought of a few use cases that would be helpful to me:

  • I try to keep track of what people see when they search for my name. I could create a capsule for each search engine and add a snapshot every year. Then I could easily walk through them to see how they changed over time.
  • I wish I could go back and see how Productivity501 has looked over its many iterations. I can do some of this through, but it doesn’t always work.
  • When Productivity501 gets mentioned in the press or on another website, it would be nice to capture that in a way that wouldn’t disappear in the future.
  • I occasionally run across a website with a funny mistake on it. Right now I’ll just take a screenshot, but I could see using Capsul8 for this type of thing.

The service is still in beta and while you can browse the public capsules the actual service is invite only. Capsul8 has graciously offered to give 100 invites to Productivity501 readers that want to check it out.  You can sign up with the form below. (If you are reading this in an email or feed reader, you may need to click through to Productivity501 to use the form.)


  1. says

    Hi – this is Suhail cofounder of capsul8. Our goal is to make curation, preservation and sharing of web media easy and elegant. Some currently popular types of capsules are:

    – frozen web views, such as this collection of sopa/pipa protests:

    – human stories, such as this one about Alan Lock becoming the first blind person to reach the South Pole on foot:

    – self or fan authored portfolios, such as this one about war photojournalist Tyler Hicks:

    – press kits, such as this one about the high tech apparel startup Naked Suits:

    Go ahead and check out capsul8 beta!

  2. says

    Interesting concept. I know there are many sites that content is available for a limited amount of time, let’s say 30 days. Could it be collected? Are there any copy-write problems that might occur.

  3. Susan says

    Singed up, but haven’t had a chance to check it out yet as it isn’t optimized for IE. Need to get another browser installed first.

    One thing I am wondering is how Capsul8 would be different than using a screen capture program?

    • says

      Hi Susan, there are significant differences from using a screen capture program, including the following:

      — Ease:
      Capsul8 makes it super easy to both preserve and package something you like in one step, making it simple to group, locate and share media that you have preserved. E.g. you just give capsul8 a url to preserve and capsul8 both captures it and saves it in the cloud to a capsule of your choosing. You can access this capsule from any device anywhere on the internet. Check it out by using the capsul8 bookmarklet:

      — True capture:
      Capsul8 preserves the actual html and resources instead of just an image. This has advantages such as better viewing, keeping embedded links and retaining some interactivity, besides making it possible to provide superior accessibility and annotation support.

      — Sharing & Access Control
      Capsul8 makes it super easy to share your capsules via social networks (such as facebook and twitter) or email. All capsules are private unless you explicitly choose to share them with others.

      — Rich media and narratives
      Besides preserving webpages you can upload any media files (photos, audio, video, pdf’s) and save them in your capsules. You can tell meaningful stories thru your capsules by adding your own narrative in the form of capsule and chapter descriptions.

      Enjoy and do send feedback on your capsul8 experience,

  4. Leonid says

    This sounds like a useful tool.

    I manage to get the same functionality by using evernote web clipper.

    Just clip the entire page, and it will be saved forever in your evernote notebook.

    • says

      Hi Leonid.. Do check out our Beta.. I hope you will enjoy the ability to gather any media from any source, add your own narrative and preserve the stories that matter to you.

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