10 Articles on Managing Email

  • Managing Email: The Great American Timesuck-CEO Blog
    Though email was intended to make our lives easier, sometimes it does just the opposite! This article provides a list of suggestions that would be helpful to anyone that feels slightly buried by the mountain of messages lurking in the corners of their inboxes.
  • Sharepoint: Managing Access Request Emails-Shankar’s Musings
    At times, programs dealing with email can become slightly confusing because of the convolutions one must go through to work with them. This article offers some helpful advice for those that need a few tips dealing with access request emails.
  • Managing Email Stress-Nicky Jurd
    Sometimes, though we know what needs to be done on a project, the next course of action can be difficult to discern. The author of this article gives readers 5 helpful tips that allow a person to organize the way he or she deals with large volumes of email.
  • 10 Tips for Managing Email Communication-Jessica McKenzie Peterson
    Clutter can become a big problem if it is ignored for too long, as it just keeps building and building. This article gives a list of ideas on how to keep your email in-box organized and tidy.
  • Strategies for Dealing with Email Overload-Sid Savara
    Junk mail, notifications and other distractions can be very harmful to concentration and productivity. The author of this article talks about several different ways to eliminate these email-related distractions.
  • Managing Email: PC or Online?-Brandie Kajino
    There are so many options for email service providers today that it is sometimes difficult to decide which one to use! In this article, the author explores the pro’s and cons behind using an online service, such as GMail, or a PC account, such as OutLook.
  • How to Manage Your Email More Effectively-Bankruptcy Practice Pro
    Though email is supposed to be a time-saver, it can quickly become just the opposite if it is not used in the correct manner. The author of this article explains how to utilize email to the best of its capabilities while avoiding falling into the trap of wasting time.
  • Managing Email-Policy and Practical Options-Doug Cornelius
    Email is increasingly becoming a facet of our society that is constantly being integrated into personal lives and the business world, as well. Along with this change comes the adaptations that must be made to coincide with these changes. The author of this article explains some of the difficulties with the retention of important records that are stored in emails.
  • Managing Email to GTD-Garrett Woodroof
    Along with the recent GTD movement that has encompassed many workplaces comes the idea of processing emails in a faster, more efficient manner to increase productivity. In this article, the author provides a list of criteria that should indicate whether one’s email filing system needs to be overhauled.
  • 10 Tips for Managing Email Effectively-Todd Lohenry
    Eventually there comes a time when an unruly email in-box just simply must be tamed! The author of this article lists several different methods that a person can use to eliminate the stress caused by the clutter and organize things for easier access.


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    Email is a great invention but volumes of incoming emails seem to be infinite. One of the first point is to start reducing the number of incoming emails before starting optimizing other things. Did you know that for every 5 emails you send you get about 3 in return? So if you send less, you receive less. Now go through your outbox and think twice if each email and all people on the distribution list where really necessary…

    My Time Management Master Blog also includes a lot of concrete time saving tips on email as a separate category. It should help you to gain an extra hour every day.


    Please check it out and thanks again for the great collection in your article. I have a lot of reading reading through the other blogs.



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    One of the best books I have read on computer productivity was “Bit Literacy” by Mark Hurst. He covers the entire spectrum of computer productivity killers, with an emphasis on information overload. The first issue he attacks is handling email, with some very straightforward and easy-to-follow suggestions.

    I highly recommend this book ( and I’ll bet it is already mentioned somewhere on your blog, sorry Mark if that’s the case! )

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