10 Articles on Exercise

  • Plan Your Meals and Exercise in Advance-The Office Diet
    Sometimes it is easy to fall out of a routine that requires daily effort to continue. For those that are trying to cut back on calories, it is no different. This article gives readers some helpful tips on how to stay organized with their meal and exercise planning on the road to success.
  • Why Exercise Can Reduce Anxiety-Overcoming Social Anxiety
    For those of us that feel stressed in crowded places or even around a few people, perhaps regular exercise would be a valid option to help eliminate those feelings of anxiety. In this article the author speaks about how exercise has been a proven method for dealing with social anxiety.
  • 5 Reasons to Jump Rope-Lazy Man and Health
    Often, when we think of exercising and getting a good workout, we also tend to associate that with unpleasant things. This is all the more reason to find something to do that is heart-healthy, but also fun! Jumping rope is something that most of us have done as children. Who knew that it was so beneficial to our health? This form of exercise has many advantages that the author of this article points out.
  • Pushups: The Best Exercise for Good Health-Lula
    Many of us have seen how calisthenics and other exercises have been very beneficial to the health of those around us. Pushups happen to be a very efficient way of getting back in shape. According to the author of this article, this exercise works muscles that are not commonly used in other types of exercises.
  • Choose Exercise Over Drugs-My Family Exercise
    Because recent technological and medicinal discoveries have made medicines more readily available, many people are turning to drugs instead of exercise to ward off heart disease and other health problems. The author of this article speaks about the benefits of exercise over only taking drugs to remedy cardiovascular problems.
  • Hydration and Nutrition-Jesslyn Cummings
    There are many common misconceptions about how an athlete or one who is exercising should hydrate himself/herself during a workout session. Often this is something that is overlooked, sometimes with tragic results. The author of this article explains the do’s and don’ts of nutrition and hydration for active people.
  • 8 Easy Ways to Exercise Throughout the Day-Weight Loss Journal
    Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find time to exercise during the day. This article provides some suggestions that give solutions for the busy person to get in their quota of exercise for the day without causing them any added stress.
  • High Intensity Exercise Better At Improving Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors-American Heart Association
    Researchers from the American Heart Association have found that short sessions of high-intensity workouts are more beneficial to those with metabolic syndrome than a moderate-intensity workout. The Association hopes that this will give rise to improved rehabilitation programs for those that are at risk.
  • 4.5 Ways to Shift Your Attitude Towards Exercise-Amelia Burton
    At times, it seems to be a bit difficult to associate exercise sessions with having a good time. However, this is a popular misconception. According to Amelia Burton, it is very possible to shift one’s attitude to make workouts a fun and enjoyable experience.
  • To Beat the Heat, Learn to Sweat It Out-The New York Times
    Have you ever gone outside to run and come back frustrated by slower times and fatigue? According to the New York Times, you are not alone. Even elite athletes are subject to the weather and the effects that heat has on their performance.


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      The best advice I can give you is to find a TV show, audio book or something that you enjoy and only listen/watch it while you exercise. Some of the cliff hanger TV shows created in the last 5 years or so are good candidates because they make you want to come back for more.

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